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Winter Wonderland


Scent Description: Crisp evergreen, cedarwood, candy canes & eucalyptus come together to create this ultimate winter wonderland fragrance.

Fill your home with the powerful aromas of flowers, a bakery, freshness or one of our exclusive scent blends to relax you and your guests while having peace of mind knowing that your candles are safer for the environment, your home and safer to breathe.

Illuminate your room and your senses with our beautifully fragrant, hand poured Soy Candles today!


Our 100% soy wax jar candles are crafted with one or two all natural cotton or hemp core wicks to ensure an even and beautiful burn. 

Candle Size:

Small Apothecary - 7oz

Medium Apothecary - 18oz

Large Apothecary - 26oz